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Pre-Owned Horse Bits

Under the Equesta Bit pages, a couple of pre-owned horse bits are available for purchasing. This allows you to try a possible bit out at a lower price.

Equesta does its best to ensure all pre-owned bits are in a good condition and are cleaned before reselling.

Returning a Pre-Owned Horse Bit

Should the pre-owned bit you purchased from Equesta not be suitable to your horse or pony we will gladly purchase it from you subject to a small usage fee of 25% of the original purchase price.

It is however the purchasers responsibility to ensure the pre-owned bit is sent back to Equesta in a good condition. Please be sure to remove all food dirt, grass and general stains and maintain general hygiene before returning.

Rubber, Plastic or Nathe bits are not however refundable.

Please email us first should you wish to return a pre-owned bit or if you have a pre-owned bit which you would like to sell as we are always on the hunt for good quality pre-owned bits – Not rubber or plastic varieties.

Email address: or

Use of Pre-Owned Horse Bit

All pre-owned Bits returned to will be soaked and cleaned in a suitable cleaning agent to remove any germs and debris that may have formed during use so as not to transfer them onto the next equine.

It is however also recommend that customers wash all pre-owned horse bits purchased thoroughly to ensure they are free from any bacteria or germs as cannot be held responsible for any medical conditions including but not limited to diseased, infections or sores that occur after the use of one of the Pre-Owned Bits supplied by

Although takes the utmost care in selecting its range of Pre-Owned Bits, as with all tack one should check these for wear and tear before use!

Purchase of Pre-Owned Bits

If you have any bits you would like to sell, (not rubber/plastic varieties), please email or