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Hanging Cheek French Link


This is a leverage bit which places pressure on the horses poll when the reins are applied encouraging the horse to lower its head and is thus suitable for horses with a high head carriage. The top, smaller rings are attached to the bridles check pieces with the larger bottom rings being attached to the reins of the bridle. This bit is permissible in dressage competitions when used with a normal snaffle bridle.



This bit is similar in design and function to the Hanging Cheek Baucher / Filet Baucher however contains two joints on the mouthpiece. This allows for pressure to be distributed over the tongue and bars of the mouth and with two joints and the nutcracker effect is removed. The middle joined piece is a flat, peanut shaped link making it suitable for horses with large tongues or a narrow mouths. This bit was designed to shape more to the contours of the horse’s mouth. Tongue pressure is lessened with the movable peanut shaped link in the middle of the mouthpiece which encourages the horse to go on the bit with less leaning than when compare to the normal Hanging Cheek Baucher / Filet Baucher.