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Equesta Ice Boots – Crystal Sheet Replacement


Equesta Ice Crystal Replacement Sheet can be used with the Equesta Ice Boots.

Per Sheet.

In stock


Instructions for use of Equesta Ice Crystal Replacement Sheets


Submerge the soft  side into clean water and allow to soak. Warm water works faster. Once the Therma-Cubes have expanded completely, remove them from the water.


Wring off or pat dry to avoid freezing together.  Lay the Therma-Cubes sheet into the freezer with the (printed plastic) side down.  Single layers spread out in your freezer will freeze more quickly than sheets stacked on top of each other.


Remove from the freezer. Most sheets can freeze in just a few hours. We recommend a 24 hour period to get maximum performance.


Once your Therma-Cubes is thawed or after use, remover them forom the out casing and simply place the Therma-Cubes  back in your freezer to prepare for use again!


You can leave it out but over time the water will evaporate and the cell will dry up. You can re-hydrate it again however the second time takes longer for the cells to hydrate.


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