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Contact Half Check Snaffle / Half Spoon Snaffle


This half cheek snaffle bit can be used for driving, training, or everyday riding.

This snaffle has a jointed mouthpiece with half cheeks. This bit is correctly fitted with the cheeks pointing upwards.

The half cheeks have three main function:

  1. They help to prevent the bit from being pulled through the horse’s mouth.
  2. If used in conjunction with fulmer keepers on the cheeks, the mouthpiece cannot be turned over whilst the horse is in work.
  3. The cheeks also offer support to the young horse and therefore create better lateral control.



The only significant difference between this bit’s action and that of a standard full cheek is that the full cheek also prevents the horse from crossing its jaw. This bit is often used for driving but can certainly be used
for ridden horses too.