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About Us


Equesta makes riding not only fun but also affordable with South African produced riding and horse apparel. Choosing from a wide selection of riding apparel is as easy as 1, 2, 3 …
Equesta will also soon be making international brands available at affordable prices.

The BitBox

We’ve all been there with bits and no doubt its cost you a pretty penny…. The bit works perfectly for the first couple of rides and just as you think to yourself you’ve found the perfect bit for you’re your horse, it all goes wrong!

The BitBox was established in 2015 in response to an ever-growing need to find a suitable bit for the individual horse without having the need to pay exorbitant amounts.

Equesta’s Bitbox allows you to purchase a second hand bit in good quality, thus not having to pay a fortune for a bit that may or may not work.

Equesta will also repurchase the pre-owned (second hand bit) back from you at a slightly lower rate should the bit not work out for either you or your horse after a few rides and is still in a good condition.

For more information on BitBox visit The BitBox