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Equesta – Online Supplier of Quality and Affordable Horse and Rider Apparel

As I’m sure with most individuals that pursue this sport, it all starts with that one special horse… Well that’s how it started for Equesta. However as addictive as any sport can be, this one is a huge exception as it involves not only a love for the sport itself but also for your partner in the sport, your horse.

The dual relationship of this sport can tend to make it very expensive, yet some tack items are non-negotiable. This is one of the main reasons behind our Pre-Owned Bit policy on second hand horse bits.

Equesta was established in mid-2015 and even though it has been a while in inception, it finally launched early 2016. Equesta ensures quality goods items at the best price and that are delivered to you via PostNet, The Courier Guy and various other reliable courier services.

During 2023 keep a look out for great deals and new local and international product items which will be uploaded regularly on our Website and Facebook pages.