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Welcome to Equesta – Your Ultimate Online Destination for High-Quality, Affordable Horse and Rider Apparel

At Equesta, we understand that every equestrian journey begins with a special connection to our horses. That bond is at the heart of everything we do. We’re passionate about providing top-notch gear and apparel for both riders and their trusted companions.

We know that the costs of equestrian sports can add up quickly, which is why we’re committed to offering affordable solutions without compromising on quality. Our Pre-Owned Bit policy for second-hand horse bits reflects this dedication to accessibility.

Founded in mid-2015 and officially launched in early 2016, Equesta is your go-to source for all your equestrian needs. We pride ourselves on delivering quality goods swiftly and reliably, using trusted courier services like PostNet, The Courier Guy, and more.

Stay tuned throughout 2024 for unbeatable deals and exciting new arrivals, both from local and international brands. Keep an eye on our website and Facebook pages for regular updates and exclusive offers.