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Hanging Cheek Waterford

An important point to remember with all Waterford bits (excluding the Waterford Pelham) is that they should be ¼” to ½” longer than your horse’s usual mouthpiece as the mouthpiece needs to curve slightly around the horse’s mouth.

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The mouthpiece of this bit contains loose ball shaped links which encourages the horse to keep its jaw relaxed and is useful for horses that lean on the bit or take hold of the bit as the ball shaped links allow movement in the mouth, preventing the horse from holding onto the bit, leaning or setting its jaw. The hanging sides allow for poll pressure thus promoting the lowering of the horses head and is thus suitable for horses with a high head carriage. Pressure is applied to the tongue, corners and bars of the horse’s mouth. The top, smaller rings are attached to the bridles check pieces with the larger bottom rings being attached to the reins of the bridle.